Burger Meister Mitchel Markee

A man from the town of Rand Stadt.


A Burger Meister from the town of Rand Stadt.

A short brown haired man.

A clever, quick talker.


Burger Meister Mitchel Markee lived off of his position of power in the town of Rand Stadt.

It was his life.

Years ago he struck a deal with a local goblin tribe my new page. This deal established him as the hero of Rand Stadt, and it ensured him the loyalty of the townsfolk.

The deal he struck put him into debt with some other being, represented by a statue of some sort of black and white tall figure my new page.

His mother, Content Not Found: Grandma-Markee discovered that he had an illegitimate daughter with a local woman. She was disgusted with this and took the child, Katie Byrd under her wing.

Fearing his secret coming out, the Burger Meister went back to the Kratos tribe and struck another deal, this time paying them gold they said they needed.

In return they killed Grandma Markee and kidnapped Katie Byrd for their own purposes.

The plan seemed to work, until the goblins showed up to tell him that a woman name Silver was coming, and he needed to give her a space in his basement.

Markee’s wife, Mary Striver Markee and a local farmer, Rusty saw him talking to him.

He could deal with his wife, but there was no way he could catch up to Rusty. So…

Markee did the only thing he could think to do to save his reputation.

He screamed: “GOBLIN RAID!” and killed the goblin’s emissary and ran in the house. He then killed his wife.

Rusty had, by chance run across a carriage going into Rand Stadt.

The Carriage had been carrying a group of Journeymen into town. They fought off the goblins and discovered Markee cradling his wife’s body in his kitchen.

Markee played up the grieving husband, and even claimed that he had killed a goblin shaman. They would be looking for vengance…

He knew better. They would come for revenge against him, and to give the tribe cover as they moved further into the Dunkler Wald to perform the ritual sacrifice of Katie Byrd.

He played it up till the Journeymen mercenaries “interrogated” him and forced him to admit what he had done.

He died before he could finish what he was saying.

Some sort of curse enacted and he bled out from every hole in his body.

Burger Meister Mitchel Markee

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