Katie Byrd

A young blonde human girl. Missing for a while now.


A young human girl, an orphan. She has been missing for a few days. She lives in the town of Rand Stadt, on the main road into the Dunkler Wald.


Katie Byrd is the illegitimate daughter of the Burger MeisterBurger Meister Mitchel Markee and Dalen Marsters.

Her mother died when she was a baby and was adopted by the Church of the Light in Rand Stadt, led by the PriestPriest of Light Dirk. The church raised her to the age of ten when Grandma Markee, the Burger Meister’s mother recognized her mother’s eyes on the child and realized whose blood she was. The old woman and the Burger Meister cut a deal and she became the girls kindly benefactor.

Katie Byrd started going down a path, outside of town to the old woman’s house every Friday, coming home every Saturday afternoon.

But a week prior, she left for Grandma Markee’s house and never came back.

Evidence collected by a group of Journeymen mercenaries suggests that the old women was killed, and the little girl kidnapped byt a group of blue skinned goblins, in an attempt to pay back a debt they owed the Burger Meister.

She is to be used in a ritual sacrifice, to resurrect a deified wolf creature from the past of the Dunkler Wald.

Katie Byrd

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