Mother of Goblins

A strange blue woman, who is the progenitor of all goblins


A strange large woman who is said to be the progenitor of all goblins.

She is said to have eyes in the back of her head.

“Her vision is her biggest protection.”

She is one of the Remnants of the Cataclysm


Long ago the Mother of Goblins took mates to try to find the perfect combinations of heritages ti breed her perfect children.

She believed she had found that with her lover, Bloody Wolf. When he was killed by the Jackhats, she wept.

His seed still produced her signature blue skinned my new page offspring and occasionally wolfheaded goblins my new page, but she knew it would not forever so she gave her children the magic to bring him back.

At this minute she sits and waits for her true love in her Breeding Cathedral.

The Journeymen mercenaries journeying through the Dunkler Wald have been hired to hunt her down and kill her.

She is said to be in a remnant of the giant Rots floating citadel that used to hover above the Dunkler Wald.

Mother of Goblins

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